A Preacher’s Misconception
Part 12

Topic: Understanding sin
Sub-Topic: Willful sins

This week will be an important post. I have been learning a lot and I hope you should too. I do want to point out as I have said before that we are in the very last days before Christ’s return. We should be thinking more spiritually and not in the natural. This has been a good journey and I hope to continue it. Lord Jesus, please help those who read the lesson to understand what it means to follow you, please bless them, keep them, and keep a hand of protection around them in the Almighty name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Last week was a really good message. Next week will be the last week on sin although I might bring sin in the future depending on the message. There will be another part to part 12 on Saturday to finish up on sin, explaining further of what this scripture means. I want this to be known that while everything is going on in the world right now is a clear sign to get right with God. Time is getting worse and will only get worse over time, If you’re stuck in your own thoughts and ways then think about this, Is my place in heaven worth the things that I do? Tonight’s message is going to be a good one so let us take a look at scripture for the night.

Psalm 19:13-17
13 Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then I will be blameless, innocent of great transgression. 14 May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Before I get into this scripture I do want to say that many people do not or are not aware of what it means when they say God knows my heart. Every time someone gets help with whatever sin that they are in they want to make up excuses to stay in sin or to keep their wrong ideas. This is wrong all the way, first examine the heart, just because you think or know that you love God does not mean that you can go out and sin. At this point, you are sinning willingly and its intentionally. In this scripture, Paul is asking God to help him to stay away from willful sins. In other words, keep him away from sins that may tempt him. We all have sins that we need to work on but by Paul stating in his prayer to God for help to keep himself away from willful sins, he is saying God if I slip up then please help me. As Christians, we can get out of the will of God but that is why prayer is so important. Having a prayer life is important because it keeps us grounded in the word of God. In the bible, god says if you love me then you will keep my commandments. The bible did not say keep in sin. We can all follow by gods commandments because he says so. Now you must think what does that have to do with a sin like cursing because cursing is not a commandment. Well actually it’s not a commandment but it is a sin that we can avoid just like every other sin. When you truly get tired of something then you will do something about it. God does not like cursing and because he does not then why would you curse? Cursing leads people in Christ getting out of the will of God.

Now to break down this scripture, we as members in Christ have to understand that we are in a spiritual battle every day, flesh against spirit. We have to allow God to work in us because we do not want to get out of the will of God. We can all go back to our old sinful ways but we have to pray that God keeps us where we belong and that is with him. Don’t you know that the devil wants you to slip up so you can become his child and not a child of God? Check this out, answer these questions, Do you curse, Do you live in fornication, Do you drink, if you can answer at least a yes to one of these then know that you are allowing the devil to rule you because now you are allowing yourself to dive further and further into not caring about the word of God, Not caring about having a relationship with God, not caring about what other people say if they are trying to help you according to the word, if you keep making up excuses to try and stay in your sin. These things will come about.

But a righteous man will have a prayer life to keep himself in the presence of God so he will not go out and do foolish things. You cannot allow someone to tell you who you are by your past but know that it is not about your past, God only cares about your future. Live your life for him, away from sin. For if we allow sin to come into our lives then we are allowing the devil to take over. That is the difference between us and the children of the devil, the children of the devil do not want to have a prayer life in order to avoid the lusts of the flesh but they do want to stay in what makes them comfortable and that is not the word of god its sin.

To wrap up tonight’s posts I would like to make this point, We are Christian people, God fearing people and we need a prayer life because we can easily allow sin to come in to allow the devil to become our master. Do not let sin become your master. Thank you for reading, Be Blessed and Be Safe, everyone.


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