“A Preacher’s Misconception”
Part 9

Topic: Understanding sin
Sub-Topic: Purification

Lord Jesus, thank you for allowing me to deliver your word to those who will read and take heed to your message, please continue to work in us, please continue to shape us, mold us, create us into what you want us to be as faithful and loyal servants to you Lord, In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Last week was a continuation of learning about sin. I believe we will be learning about sin for a few more weeks but for tonight we will be continuing to learn about sin. If you do not have your bibles then I suggest you follow along with me. When it comes to scripture do not take my word for it but read it for yourselves. Tonights scripture will be coming from 1 John 1:7-9 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. 8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”. Alright so let’s break down this scripture, first, we all sin yes we do whether if its big or small, sin is still sin. Now, since we sin, we have to ask God for forgiveness, in other words, repent of our sins and once we do that then we are to make ourselves better by working on getting rid of our sin. There is no one that can say that they do not sin for we all do but we do not have to sin every day, I spoke about this in my other post that a sin is an option not mandatory. We all can get rid of sin. Abiding by the ten commandments is very important but so is everything else. The washing of sin is important because if we do not repent then that stain stays on us and so we begin to go into a new normal for us. Ex. Cursing, The Bible says to do not curse and so now you have something to work on. There are days where you curse and then days when you don’t curse at all but when you keep going this sin becomes an everyday thing and so now you curse all the time. As I stated in my other post we can overcome sin every day, will it be easy?, Absolutely Not. For we all fall short of the glory of God but understand that because of this Jesus has made a way for us to get out of sin Romans 3: 23 The bible said the Lord was not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance… But it is not until we come to Christ that we become new creatures and to allow our old selves and our old sins to be washed away into the sea of forgiveness. Understand this as I said before the difference between a sinner who sins and a Christian who sins. Yes, Christians do sin, but that does not mean to stay in our sin for as I have said before a Christian who sins will ask for forgiveness and better himself/herself so he/she will not commit the sin ever again. I know some people say well no one is perfect I have corrected this before but I will do so again, Yes we can be perfect if anyone says that then they are a lie. This is an excuse set up for the world to have their way with sin but at the same time think that they are a child of God. Do not follow false doctrine.

Colossians 3:5-6 5 Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. 6 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming”. This scripture here is just one example of why it is considered false doctrine. The Bible clearly states that we can do away with all sin and don’t you know that because of the world working around these things is a reason why Christ is returning, so the bible says to get rid of it, the bible did not say that you will still have sin left on you, it says to get rid of all of it.

Tonight, we learned about purification. We can purify ourselves and become who Christ Jesus has called us to be. Thank you for reading and Do not forget “A Preacher’s Misconception” Part 10 Wednesday, July 6, 2016. Be Blessed and Be Safe, everyone.


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