All of the names of my series will be listed below. Below the topic title, there will be a description of the lesson. If you have any remarks or comments for any teaching, then please post a comment. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but do not show any hatred towards anyone in the comment sections or any section that is devoted to remarks or comments. Be mindful of other peoples opinion and have a good day everyone.

A new series will be coming soon, so be on the lookout for any future updates!

A Preacher’s Misconception

  • As I learn and grow in Christ, I want others to do the same. This series is designed to walk with me on a spiritual journey. We will be discussing everything there is to address through this series. From the old testament to the new testament also includes random topics. If you want to improve yourself and learn as I go along, then please read this series.

A Man With A Purpose

  • If you are looking forward to becoming a better man in Christ, then this series is for you. Take a ride with us as we learn what God’s purpose is for a man. During this journey will be covering many topics. These topics may be hard to do in your life in the beginning, but as you keep working toward your goal, then God will help you along making it easier to accomplish.